Withdrawal of money from the Bitcoin purse

Virtual exchange offices have certain reserves of different currencies, and with due activity from the clients of the resource, they end. The owner of the exchanger constantly replenishes the reserves, but there are situations when it is necessary to exchange digital currency for Sberbank rubles, for example, but there is no money. We have to look for other exchange points that meet the requirements of security and benefits.

If there is a similar situation, the best solution is to contact the exchange monitoring center. Such a service will allow you to withdraw money from the Bitcoin purse quickly and with minimal losses, as it provides maximum information about the terms of exchange. The best monitoring center in RuNet today is bestchange.ru.

The service helps to choose the best exchange offer by automatically sorting exchangers. The user receives up-to-date information about the current directions, exchange rates and reserves of exchange offices. In addition, the monitoring service constantly monitors the honesty of the work of exchange offices and always has up-to-date information on what resources to withdraw money from the Bitcoin-wallet quickly, profitably and conveniently, how to cash them without extra material costs, since most of the platforms represented on the information resource , has the appropriate official documentation.

The monitoring center of bestchange.ru is quite simple in operation. Do you know how to withdraw money from Bitcoin? It's simple:

We go to the site bestchange.ru.
On the main page on the left are two graphs. The first is responsible for the initial currency for conversion, and the second for the final currency.
After choosing a direction, the user is provided with a list of exchange points operating in the chosen direction.
We choose an exchanger, taking into account the favorable rate and reserve.
We go to the site, enter the amount for transfer, details and confirm the transaction.
It is worth remembering that almost all exchange offices operate according to the same scheme, the difference is only in commissions and terms of transfer. Users working on Bitcoin cranes with a withdrawal to the purse constantly use similar monitoring centers, as they are convenient, safe and provide up-to-date information about the courses in different directions.


How to transfer digital money with a minimum commission
The technology of blocking was originally conceived as a system where users can conduct transactions for free without participation of official financial structures. But over time, the rules have changed a bit, and today's situation is different from the original concept of an ideal payment system.

When creating a transfer request, network members are offered a commission based on the capabilities of the Bitcoin system, which can sometimes be quite high. For users working on Bitcoin cranes with direct withdrawal to the wallet, transactions pass unnoticed, since the sender is a representative of the site-crane. But when it comes to digital currency output, it turns out that the user needs to pay some amount for the fact that the transaction was confirmed in the blockroom. Although the Bitcoin system transfers must be free, or conditionally free.

It turns out that each user has the right to change the commission in the process of creating a request for translation. Consider the process of reducing commission on the example of the Bitcoin-purse from the well-known service blockchain.info:

When you click on the "Send money" button, the application form opens.
In the first window the address of the current purse and the amount of the transfer are indicated, in the second address of the recipient.
The system automatically calculates the commission. Below there is an inconspicuous item "additional parameters", where you can specify any amount of transfer, but not below 100 satoshi.
Using this information, you can withdraw money from the Bitcoin purse almost for free. After all, the above 100 satoshs, a very meager amount, are only a millionth part of the Bitcoin cryptonym, which, according to the current exchange rate, is about 0.00067 US dollars.

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