CRYPTO20: features of the crypto-currency index fund

   CRYPTO20: features of the crypto-currency index fund

Today, investors can choose any crypto currency they like from hundreds of possible options, and such diversity is confusing. This increases costs, increases complexity and gives rise to the need for consultations. CRYPTO20 frees the novice crypto currency investor from these difficulties. But, in the period of rapid development of block projects and ICO, investors need a conscious approach before buying tokens of a particular company. How much CRYPTO20 can be a risky project?
Features of CRYPTO20
CRYPTO20 is a TOP-20 index of the value of a crypto-currency with automatic portfolio re-balancing. The popularity of various crypto-currencies is variable, therefore, using a special algorithm, the investment objects in CRYPTO20 also change. Investing only one token will mitigate risks and increase the effectiveness of investments compared to the acquisition of each crypto currency separately. In other words, only one C20 token will allow you to invest in the whole cryptology.

The investor can at any time eliminate the C20 tokens using a smart contract in automatic mode and get an amount equal to the underlying value of the assets. In the future, C20 is scheduled to be listed on a number of major exchanges.

The main advantages are the absence of brokerage fees, exit fees and the minimum amount of investment. The token holder is guaranteed maximum control over all assets and complete transparency of the block.

CRYPTO20 is already a ready product - investors have access to trading tools and opportunities that interact online in 8 exchanges via the API, in particular, information on slippage, the best price and a trading pair for the acquisition of crypto assets by exchange.

CRYPTO20 is registered as Crypto Fund Management LLC in the jurisdiction of the Cayman Islands, which is very popular with investment funds. Also worth noting that the fund fully meets the requirements of AML / KYC.

ICO Features
The main period for the sale of tokens is from October 16 to November 30, 2017. The tokens are based on the blocker Ethereum (ERC20). New coins can not be released, created or produced after the start of the ICO.

The team will receive their tokens only after 2 years, through a special function to hold in the smart contract, which will eliminate the contradictions in the motives of the team and the participants of the ICO.

It is worth noting that the minimum capitalization of the fund of $ 5 million was achieved within a few hours after the launch of pre-sale tokens on October 7, 2017.
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