Attempted corporate coup in Bitkoyne

I will be brief, and no GIF-app, so as not to distract you from the essence of the message.

"In the same century in which the printed press was invented, wars, social upheavals and revolutions passed across Europe. Old kings, revered religious leaders and tyrants were removed from power. Finally, people could really read what is written in their bibles. The mass seal of the bibles was a coup. What was written in the Bible was not exactly the information that they were fed. Set face to face with irrefutable evidence, people dispelled the old foundations of what their religion broadcasted.

Our economy will change. Bitcoin will be elevated as a fundamental technology. The search for permission in the corridors of Washington is just a flirtation in the style of a hand-dog sitting at the feet of the system. Why would you voluntarily give your power to other people?

Some people base their argument on the assumption that Bitcoin's push under the bus wheels and damage to the core of this technology must be done in the name of helping businesses that specialize in exchanging fleet state paper money for Bitkoyn. Do we want to sacrifice the purity of this tool for a few short-term profits that are mainly beneficial to corporations from America? Do they serve Bitcoin's needs?

Some went even further, claiming that we needed the masses. What to be a majority means to have protection from attempts. Typical group thinking.

And such regulation (along with the measures necessary for its implementation) is a typical acceptance process. I have news for you: the "majority" has always been sent to slaughter, throughout history. "To be pragmatic" - so veiled, with the view of cowardice and obedience.

Bitcoin is our future. Act as if you believe in it. Act to avoid corruption in the system. Act in order to prevent Bitcoin from being absorbed by anyone. We must protect the principles of Satoshi Nakamoto. "

May July 2017:

After a year of blocking SegWit without any technical reasons, the spread of lies / fears and all other types of attacks on Bitcoin ... after BitcoinXT, Bitcoin Classic, Bitcoin Unlimited, Bcoin, Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin Parity ... and God knows what other coup attempts that I forgot to mention ... Bitcoin SegWit2x was born.

SegWit2x was created behind closed doors, without the participation of any of Bitcoian's real developers, with a closed mailing for developers and a closed channel in Slack, a bunch of companies trying to "scale Bitcoin and fit into user requirements."

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