Announcement of the book "Bitcoin for Dummies"

   Announcement of the book "Bitcoin for Dummies"

What is important and interesting this book? First of all, it allows you to understand in detail what Bitcoin is, how the network works, how to create a crypto-currency purse and secure it from hacking, and much, much more useful information that not only beginners, but also advanced adepts need crypto currency. The book allows

- get acquainted with bitkoynom closer;
- find out what bitkoyn can be useful to you;
- learn the rules of security and storage of the cryptonym.

Bitcoin is a new form of money, crypto-tokens, to be more precise, - but how does it work? We start with the basics, namely: with the three main aspects that characterize bitokoyn.

- Origin: how bitcoin appeared;

- Technology: how it works;

- application: use bitkoyna as money.

Investigating each of these aspects will help you better understand bitcoin (or BTC, as it is sometimes called) and evaluate how and in principle it can be of use to you.

Perhaps the most important component of Bitcoin is the concept that underlies the technology. Bitcoin was created by a developer or a development team under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. He / they did not set themselves the goal of creating another way of making Internet payments. Satoshi saw a number of problems with existing payment methods and was determined to deal with them. The prerequisites for creating bitcoins lie on the surface: people from different parts of the world felt the destructive power of the financial crisis of 2008.

And for the period of writing this book (early 2016), many still feel the consequences, in the form of fluctuating rates of national currencies (Fiats supported by governments).

When the world financial system tried to stand on the brink of disaster, many central banks resorted to the method of currency injections, in other words, included printing presses. Central banks flooded the market with currency and reduced interest rates to almost zero, in order to prevent the recurrence of the Great Depression of the 1930s. The effect of this measure was significant - serious fluctuations in exchange rates and the phenomenon that later became known as the "war of currencies" - a race to depreciate its own national money so that the country's economy becomes more competitive (at the expense of the cost of goods and services offered at the global market).

One of the main advantages of Bitcoin. this is its decentralized nature and, as a consequence, the open source code
Open code Bitcoin means that everyone can offer their improvements or create a platform-add-on on its basis, which means that the technology does not stand still, but is constantly improved and modernized. If you look at bitkoyn at such an angle, the conclusion suggests that when creating bitkoin, the author was guided by ideological reasons. This is something much more than a new payment method with characteristic coins. It's about the underlying technology and the gradual unfolding of its full potential.

Bitcoin, with its transparency and decentralization, can prove to be a very powerful tool for achieving this goal. One of the main properties of bitcoin is that it is not connected with the existing financial system and therefore can be used by those segments of the population and countries that were previously deprived of the opportunity to work with the banking financial system. While a personal bank account seems to be the norm to a Western person, things are different in other parts of the world.

When a new technology knocks on our doorstep to let it into our life, it is necessary to overcome a significant obstacle, namely: to decide to believe in it or not. In the case of bitkoynom, trust must be reciprocal. Even if you, as a user, completely control your assets, you still need to believe that the rest of the network will not disappear from the face of the Earth tomorrow morning. However, the chances that Bitcoin will suddenly disappear are so miserable that you should not worry about it. However, life teaches us all one universal truth: there is nothing permanent in it. Fortunately for all network users, Bitcoin consists of many individual members, as well as independent nodes, which are needed in order to continuously maintain the system. This topic brings us to one of the properties of Bitcoin, which still raises doubts among many:

As noted above, bitcoin is not a currency in the traditional sense, but rather an alternative, digital means of payment. Naturally, you can buy and sell goods and services for bitcoins, but some characteristics that are characteristic of classical currencies in the traditional sense, have no bitocain. Nevertheless, many sellers around the world accept payments in bitcoins, along with other traditional means of payment, and therefore, trust technology.

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