Introduction to the calculation of commissions in Bitcoin Core

commission for a transaction in Bitcoin Core

The space in the Bitcoin blockade is a limited resource, and given the rather low price, the demand for this space is much larger than the supply. If the space in the block is free, people will find all sorts of uses for it. Decentralized gambling, downloading the entire copy of the description of Bitcoin's original concept and timestamps of individual documents&n ... Read more »

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What Bitcoin differs from other crypto currency

In this article I will try to tell you how and why Bitcoin differs from all existing altkones.

How people develop their understanding of Bitcoin

Having been involved in Bitcoin for a long time, I noticed a pattern according to which people's minds about Bitcoin change, as they eventually sink deeper and deeper into its ecosystem, gaining more and more understanding of its essence. Usually their thoughts d ... Read more »

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   CRYPTO20: features of the crypto-currency index fund

Today, investors can choose any crypto currency they like from hundreds of possible options, and such diversity is confusing. This increases costs, increases complexity and gives rise to the need for consultations. CRYPTO20 frees the novice crypto currency investor from these difficulties. But, in the period of rapid development of block projects and ICO, investors need a conscious approach before buying tokens of a particular company. How much CRYPTO20 can be a risky project?
Features of CRYPTO20
CRYPTO20 is a TOP-20 index of the value of a crypto-currency with automatic portfolio re-balancing. The popularity of various crypto-currencies is variable, therefore, using a special algorithm, the investment objects in CRYPTO20 also change. Investing only one token wi ... Read more »

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