What are bitcoins?

If literally - these are files that all began to be extracted, sold, exchanged for money. Bitcoins are exchanged for goods and services. A short "BTC" is used. The turnover of bitcoins resembles an economic or mathematical game where the rules are invented, the number of resources and the conditions for their receipt. The process is similar to oil production - the longer people extract it, the less it remains and more difficult to look for.

Satoshi Nakamoto created the first bitcoin software. Back in 2008, Nakamooto published an article in which he described all the principles of cryptography. But Sithos Nakamoto is a fake pseudonym. The real person of the person behind this pseudonym is still not disclosed.

The idea of ​​bitcoin is to exchange people between people without interference from the authorities. That is, the excluded human factor: there is no director of the central bank of bitcoins, which can be "pressed",

The number of bitcoins is known and limited in advance. But it's not a matter of grumbling, bitcoin is enough for everyone, because they can be divided. The smallest part of the bitcoin is named "Satoshi", in honor of its founder, and is equal to 0.00000001 BTC.

Using bitcoins is extremely simple, even if you do not know the technical details. All this is no more difficult to send letters via e-mail.

To start, you need to get bitcoin-wallet. The wallet is free, it can be downloaded from the official site of bitcoins. After creating the bitcoin-purse, you can start generating the addresses to get bitcoins behind them. If someone wants to list them for you - just send a link to the generated address

Shaun Townsend, a hacktivist of the Ukrainian Kierralians, told that he used bitcoins. The bitcoin system is transparent - you can track any translation. But at the same time, the system is anonymous - transaction numbers are not tied to specific organizations or people. Therefore, they are so popular among hackers.

"Bitcoins are not a currency provided with something. This commodity (commodity - Ed.) Is rarely like baseball cards, stamps, gold or oil," explains Sean Townsend.

Wallet is where to get bitcoins?


Cryptography can be obtained from other system participants. For example, sell coffee for bitcoins, as it does in a coffee shop Kava Like in Kiev.

Another option is to buy bitcoins. This can be done on special exchanges, for example, on the Ukrainian exchange crypt or on Kuna. To do this you need to register and enter the money on the stock exchange. Then take part in the bidding: set the price for the bitcoin, focusing on the exchange rate.

If your offer proves to be acceptable, then the number of bitcoins you are requesting will appear on your account. As a rule, exchanges take 0.2% of the deal.

Bitcoins can even be bought via the Aybox terminal, which has the operator, which has been buying and selling bitcoins for four years now.

Or you can do extraction of bitcoins.

Extraction of bitcoins? This is not gold and no oil


But this is exactly what the planet's founder Satoshi Nakamoto intended. For clarity, you can imagine a gold digger that is looking for gold forever. So with bitokinami, only in place of the surgeon, the crypt is looking for a computer, more precisely, calculates the task.