What about the structure?

Structural unemployment, simply said, stems from misunderstandings the skills required by employers. In Poland, it was created after the transformation, as a result of the restructuring of mining, metallurgy, and in villages - after the liquidation of State Farms. As he told us the chief economist at X-Trade Brokers Przemysław Kwiecień, neutral level of unemployment in Poland is about 10 percent in developed countries by half. - This is the result of poor education, the effect of structural unemployment is the mismatch between demand for labor from its supply. There are no miracles, to the needs of the market can adapt some of the unemployed. The rest will have to leave the labor market - he adds. However, there are exceptions to the rule. I mentioned Mr. Christopher is living proof that you can if you want.

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One of the neighbors of Mr. Christopher is Mr. Witek - one of those who prefer to go fishing, opchnąć them 25 gold and have a beer. Mr. Witek career ended with the liquidation of state-owned farms, at the moment no hurry him into a permanent job. - I do not have years to a pension of 300 zlotys get grants and the rest liftin. Sometimes, and I gather fruit, sometimes help stones from the field to dig. How do I desire to catch fish, fetch, selling to someone. Me so well - says Mr. Witek.

In repairing the micro-labor market do not help the social welfare centers, the employment offices. - I went to them some time ago, I say that I do not have work. And they tell me that they can give me 300 per month. I do not want money, I need a job - adds Ms. Krystyna. With the search for work he had to cope alone, but it worked. - They helped me hosts who hired Christopher. I'm still learning, still getting to know something new. At my age it's a little strange, but I am happy - he says.

In every community there are people who perfectly fit into the definition of structural unemployed, luckily there are also those who assigned definitions do not quite do, learn, try and look for classes. Regardless of age, origin and wyksztacenia. They want.