The game worth the candle?

It is estimated that the annual income remain at approx. 2 million zł. So far, the development of the project invested 8 million zł. Do Pizzaportal, together with its subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway and Austria, is worth 120 million zlotys?

- The value of the project is estimated based on a number of factors. First, they count the profits, which brings the project or it can bring. If we want to build stable, long-term business, it is safe decide whether success can be achieved. Of course there is also the other side of the coin and play "guess that this business with these objectives, can make this much." I call this game, because unfortunately investing can never be sure that this would work, but seeing the business plan and the need for large subsidy want to believe that in a year 1 + 1 actually give 2 - evaluates Latkowski.

- I believe that an investor deciding to buy the service has analyzed the market potential of the project and estimated the possible profits. The website collects certain information, which then provides in one place. Perhaps it not for all people is a clear model of its operation, but generation Digital Native use of such solutions on a massive scale, which in turn ensures the attractiveness of the portal for potential advertisers. Therefore, considering the scope of the service and the number of companies that have managed to persuade the collaboration portal is certainly worth the investment. Not having access to accurate figures and business Pizzaportal, we can not at this stage to assess the assumptions made by the investors. You can only conclude that if so much invested in the service, they have a concrete plan to expand it, and thus to improve the financial results - concludes Kornaś-Kita. expansive development in our country is proof that the practical and creative startups have a chance at a rapid pace to develop and bring significant revenues. Kaniuk had a good idea, experience and common sense. Besides he has a good plan and did not rest on his laurels. We hope for more such ideas.

How it's working?

There are several ways to attract fans. The first is the purchase of lovers of our brand before we create fanpage alone. Impossible? Nothing could be further from the truth. As said naTemat Specialist. Internet marketing, it is sufficient that the seller fans create a popular website. - For example, "I like blondes", then change its name to the proposed by us and we are acting towards the crowd of fans - he explains. Unethical? According to experts, none of these methods are ethical and negates the idea of ​​Facebook. - Renaming fanpage is a complicated affair, often simply people who have used the popular fanpage script to "steal clique" and redirect them automatically to the customer who wanted to buy a fan. Another way is to sell the finished fanpage'y with generic names and then branding them. Yet another way to advertise the customer on his very popular fan page - adds Mossakowski. Facebook is trying to catch such cases, but - as with hackers - not always successful. So there is a likelihood that when we click "Like" on the page that interests us, while we are "sold" fans a completely different angle.

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There are also known. beaters. Their system, according to the author of the blog is to promote specific pages. "One day a dozen people on their profiles added a link to fanpage X, in a simple way by encouraging friends to visit / fanpage likes X (eg.," Check this page is great. "Some of the touts using their own friends, part builds itself base of people strangers. the more friends, the greater the chance that some of them will like recommended by our side.

What gives?

According to the author of the blog WEBARKA buying fans has its advantages. "People who commit us to get a certain number of fans, do not use fake accounts, only persuade real users to like our page. As a result, there is a good chance that the bribed fan sooner or later really interested in what we publish on our website. It is also worth mentioning that if a person who likes our friends see the page at which sites she clicked the "Like", then we can do the same. "

With this opinion does not agree Mossakowski. - Facebook is primarily interacting and telling interesting stories about brandzie, or discounts. First of all, it should attract the fans. The most important thing to this person she decided she wanted to be in contact with the brand. If you suddenly discovers that he is a fan of the brand, which would not be due to the fact that it was such cliques. Captured, it treats the messages, which he sees as spam mail - he adds.

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Fashion on buying Polish fans came to the United States, the method is quite popular, but rather among smaller companies. Handel fans is absolutely illegal from the point of view of Facebook, which - if it becomes aware of such a thing - can block the ability to publish posts, or even close the fanpage. Whoever wants to work seriously on Facebook is not playing in such things.