The first million

Assuming that each pizza a month reaches a minimum order 3000zł, of which 6% per month gives Pizzaportal, it can be said that the portal earns a minimum of 2 million. We asked the experts startups factors of attractiveness for potential investors.

- Business is like a good stew - it needs the right mix of ingredients and basically everyone is equally important. We start from the base, which is well thought out plan "on what and how we make money." Very important is also proper preparation of the product itself. Both in terms of programming, the operation startup, and visual elements, eg. Logos - lists Konrad Latkowski, co-founder, two years related industry startups.

- Assessing startups notifying applications for funding from the Seed Fund KPT, we take into account many factors - first of all we try to assess whether the projects prepared by company type startup have real chances of commercial success. It is very important that people who decide to implement your business idea, have a clear-cut strategy of actions that will lead to the achievement of business goals. Invariably, it is important for us to test the innovation project - to receive a grant, you must have a business idea related to the introduction of new technology - lists Wieslawa Kornaś-Kita, the CEO of the Krakow Technology Park.

Assessing Pizzaportal according to the above criteria, it seems that they are all met. There were plenty of new technological solutions (online system harmonizing with the terminal), as well as facilities programming, reports, etc. support. The preparation of the product is not enough, however, to two years to earn 2 million.

- The next step, which makes the success of a startup is suitable replaces it thought-promotion strategy and product development. Important is the ability to improvise and modify plans for adapting to the needs of the market. And it all takes time to get a bite, and with each passing day to be getting better - adds Latkowski.

Also, and this can not be denied Kaniukowi. After more than two years after entry into the Polish market Pizzaportal constantly develops, acquires competing against each other entities creates mobile applications, sign contracts with partners such as Interia