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Work "in the outside world is to exchange time for money. If you pay a certain amount of work hours, you expect to receive in return a certain monetary reward. This time, the exchange of money is something that most people are engaged in trade, are trying to avoid, and yet they stubbornly refuse to leave this psychological concept in the past, when they enter the market.

In fact, trade is not and will never be a simple exchange of time for money. You can only make money when the market provides favorable conditions for this, and these conditions are not present all the time.

Trafficking often involves general lack of any activity. You could easily sit in front of the charts for several hours in the absence of any reasonable opportunity to enter the market. This concept is quite foreign to most people who are used to the fact that if they go to work, their time is charged. This mentality leads to our destructive habit - we believe that our time spent in the trade, must be paid.

Forex trader has allocated some time to trade between 8 and 9:00 am (or any other time). For that hour he himself decided that he would seek to take market 10 points, or $ 500, or raise any other target for their "daily work" as a trader.

Therefore, he believes that if it works, its time to be paid, and the only way to get paid - is trade. So, it is going to enter the market regardless of whether there are appropriate conditions for this. But what if the conditions are not favorable? What if the real possibility for this hour is not?

This trader would have entered the market, but the layman will boost trade. In the end, it has a purpose, and it should receive the payment.

The error lies in the fact that they are trying to impose their desires, their aspirations, and their market requirements, which is not only interested in what you want, but that does not even know you exist. To trade successfully, you need to throw off the shackles from the position of thinking that you need to exchange time for money. In trade, you pay only when the market is willing to pay you.

When a trader will boost trade process that it followed its own volition and unreasonable goals, he is fighting for the conditions on the market and inevitably exposed to unnecessary losses. Professional traders know that they can "go to work" 5 days in a row and still get paid only to some one of these days.

This is one of the main reasons why the ambitious traders are experiencing such a disappointing defeat and lose money for so many years. They are chasing decoys. 10 points per day - this is the motto of the classic beginner traders. But this will never happen!

They want only 10 points per day. But what if they suffer losses in their first transaction, and now they have a minus 10 points? Now they have to make 20 pips only to achieve their daily goals. Losses in the first transaction immediately reject their goal and they completely change their game plan. 2 What if the deal is as lost? They now have a new target - 30 points, in order to realize its original objectives.

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