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Every year the amount is fixed, to which each of us is exempt from paying any tax. If the total earnings in 2014 will not exceed PLN 3091 (this refers to all of our earnings, both work a full-time written order as well as income from the Internet) do not pay this amount penny. If you are in such a group, it's basically a matter is simple - fill PIT-36 and all that. The amount you enter in a worksheet D.1, row 8 (other sources not mentioned in rows 1 to 7), section 81 and rewrite this amount into the section 86 if the pit fill manually. In the case of filling a tax return online slot machine itself will take appropriate value to the appropriate headings. Someone will say, and whatever type if not exceeded the limit. ' That we have the right and we have to demonstrate our earnings despite the fact that we do not need them to pay the tax. If our earnings exceed the amount exempt from this tax will have to pay 18% of our revenues. At a time when our earnings amounted to above 85,528 zlotys this we are obliged to escort him a tax of 32%.

To settle the'll need PIT-36.


How to correctly fill PIT
How to settle the Internet Earnings

Below I will present step-by-step how to fill out our tax return. I know from experience that it is best when we have before us some examples of the settlement. Therefore, the following statement is to cover several programs that are here on the blog the 2014 scrolled. So lets ..

We have to settle gains that appear on our bank account during the fiscal year. Some say that we need to be accounted for at the time they appear on the payment processors we use. I'm billed earnings only when I have them in a bank account, because they are my full disposal. Payment processors can dial different numbers, so accounting for wages when they are there is a big risk. In addition, on most processors, our balance is carried out in foreign currency, making the payments on the Polish bank accounts (including foreign currency) are taken quite a charge. So it is best to account when the money actually we already have in your bank account.

To properly settle we find each payment from the program, which landed in our bank account. A very important element is the date of posting the transfer to your account. The best log in to bank accounts (including those currency if have one) and look at the history of received transfers. The principle is simple settlements, namely:

• transfer in US dollars - add up the amount of all earnings, which we received in US dollars,

• transfers in other currencies on the foreign exchange account - here the matter is a bit more complicated. Ideally clearly shows us an example:


- With Pizzaportal I use almost from the beginning of their existence, from the current year and a half. I remember when my pizza parlor in addition figured there few more items - says Jarosław Rozpłochowski, the owner of the pizzeria Soprano in Gorlitz. - Offered their system is very strong technically, and the device that provide works perfectly - assesses.

Said device is a G3-Box, a small terminal with a SIM card that is compatible with online ordering. The downside of the device is the fact that you have to pay for it about 1200zł from his own pocket and pay it at the time of any termination of the contract. Despite the relatively high price for such a small device, pizzeria owners decide to buy it for your convenience. Thanks to an order placed online is automatically printed on their premises - the person behind the bar learns who places an order for which the address is to be provided and how high asset is downloaded, not wasting time on wielominutowe sometimes conversations with undecided clients. The client, in turn, receives confirmation of the delivery time immediately after the order is accepted by the restaurant.

- With Pizzaportal I have a day at least 3 contracts. Our record is 241 orders in February of this year! Monthly average of orders was with us last year 117, and the average value of orders amounted to approx. 3300zł. For us, no network pizzerias, this is a large number - says Piotr Arrow of Krakow pizzeria Peter Pan. - Portal provides a special reporting system, by which I can easily assess the profitability of cooperation with Pizzaportalem - adds Arrow.

Of course, the portal has to earn something, so place orders through it is not for restaurateurs free. 6-ścioprocentowa margin does not deter, but even small pizzeria in small towns.

- In my case the use of Pizzaportal not contributed much to increase the amount of orders. In a city like Gorlitz I do not have to specifically take care of the extra publicity. For me, took up the technological advancement system Pizzaportal and the fact that it works automatically, without requiring an extra person to handle the mail - adds Rozpłochowski.

Behind the success is Pizzaportal Lech Kaniuk - Managing Director, the Swede of Polish origin. In an interview with he stressed that a good startup is, according to him, one that responds to the real need of customers and solves their problems. Pizzaportal meets both these goals - meets the needs of consumers, solve organizational problems associated with ordering online, faced by the owners of the pizzeria. Since its acquisition by the portal Delivery Hero, promises to increase their outlets on the street Piotrkowska 10 people. Not yet made public the official development plans, in addition to the declaration of the continued expansion of business.