How to buy an apartment in the mortgage

The dream of every modern family - to have their own separate apartment. But as the cost of housing is growing many times faster than the size of salary, accumulate the required amount today is simply unrealistic. Therefore, many families live a long time in rented apartments, in addition to general figures, which they pay for their housing is not. But, if you make a payment in the usual calculator, we find that for the money it would be possible to redeem.

In order to avoid wasting your money for nothing, it is better to take advantage of the opportunity that gives banks, real estate agencies and construction companies. The first term refers to the issuance of cash bail existing housing, under a second to understand credit granting bail apartment. It turns out that the apartments in Chelyabinsk in the mortgage can buy, if you have real estate that the bank will consider as collateral and mortgage loans are suitable for those who do not have home ownership.

Proceed to the next question - evaluation of own resources and capabilities. Before you contact the bank for a loan, it is necessary to conduct an audit of its budget.

Do you have savings and accumulation.
How much do you and your husband / wife get cash.
How long have you been at this place.
There are additional sources of income that can be activated in the event of disability or termination of employment of a spouse.
profitable mortgages

Although it is possible mortgage with no down payment, (the city where often use this possibility), it is better to have some amount for organizational expenses: payment collateral security, the work of a realtor, appraiser and notary. The following two factors will be important for the banks, which evaluate your reliability and creditworthiness. mortgage lending banks have different interest rates and their lending conditions. Carefully read all the programs offered by banking organizations. The last point is particularly important to you - in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

After evaluating their own financial capabilities can begin to direct housing search. Therefore it is better to look apartments in new buildings or buildings under construction yet. Buy flat ie mortgage and allows the secondary market. The right choice will be difficult, so it is best to enlist the support of real estate agency. They not only pick up for you a suitable option, but will assist in obtaining a mortgage loan, Chelyabinsk allows you to choose not only the living area, but also the company in which you want to apply.

After evaluating all the factors, choosing an apartment, agency and bank mortgage lending terms to learn, you can begin to collect the necessary documents. Help in providing mortgage real estate agency "New Life". We will understand all the nuances of your situation and offer the best option - favorable mortgage loans, consider all your options and wishes.