Earnings on clicks
Earnings on clicks, is not only your site and clicks on banners, the main income comes from the performance of tasks. The task may be different, ranging from a simple registration, ending with a vote.
Payment for performing tasks as varied and ranges from $ 0.01 up to ... it all depends on the greed of the advertiser. This article is intended for beginners who earn their clicks, as the holding applying cost a few cents, they are busy for 10-15 minutes, and throw earnings on tasks without receiving any payment.

Carrying out paid jobs on the site, which I will mention below, try to sort out the general list, choosing the "clicks"

Hits - as a rule, do not require registration, activity and represents a shift in advertising and then click on the advertisement.

In clicks is also different, and this depends on advertising, which is necessary to make the transition. Minimum price $ 0.01 maximum, as I said depends on the advertiser, but not more than 4-5 cents. The best option is the cost of clicks from $ 0.02-0.04. Usually it clicks on the advertisement itself adsense.Nabravshy 100-150 tasks to favorites you can earn from $ 3-6 per day, and this is not the limit.

With regard to the time spent on tasks, I tell you honestly, do not read the advertiser's nonsense that the site you need to spend a minute on each page. His referrals open a little secret how to spend per click task about 15-30 seconds. Now we calculate the approximate income, and time spent on its earnings.

You have chosen to 150 tasks, the average price of $ 0.025 each, and each job you spend 30 seconds, by simple calculations we get:


Here you can earn for free. Earnings on the journal boxes, without attachment is available to you at TSEMU foto_stihsayti have the information that you need, that you understand the meaning of earnings in this direction, since earning the journal boxes do not have anywhere to put their money. There only needs to click on the sites of people who pay you for each click is not a lot but not enough going.
Earn Money Online for Beginners? - This course earnings on Books!
What is the Bushes? (These are the sites on which to pay the money for what you are viewing sites of advertisers.)

  I advise you to bring my site and recommend to your friends, who are now in search of interesting and easy way of earning online.
Bushes advertise dozens of paid links by clicking on which, and remaining on the site offered to you while you can earn a little money. In addition, some of the journal boxes you can offer paid to read emails, tasks and perform oplachuvanni t. D.

As a rule, the payment for a link or a letter is very low, in many domestic PTC sites it varies from 2 to 5 cents for the link. You might say that such a payment can not be worth it to waste time on such earnings.
To maximize your earnings need to attract referrals - people who sign up for active advertising system on your personal link or affiliate code. In this case, from the profit system will consist of a bonus, which is usually measured as a percentage of earnings attracted users you.

  Thus, it is important that your partners are actively working in the system, not just an account. It should be understood that the bonus is usually paid from the profit system, rather than from a referral earnings, so you can safely and need to register on the affiliate link. Especially many refovodiv offer free consultations and other bonuses for their new partners.

If you will turn out to involve active referrals, your earnings can grow significantly. For example, you are invited to SAR 100 people who earn $ 30 a month. Partnership bonus of 10%, so you will be credited $ 300 a month - a good result. But to attract 100 active referrals that will work, it is a very difficult task. Moreover, many people will give up work to the postmen, and you have to constantly recruit new partners.
axle box Often compared with the financial pyramids - this is the wrong approach.

Bushes non-financial pyramid, they lure money for payments previously registered customers and make payments from the funds that they, in turn, paid advertisers. But often managers PTC sites may use fraudulent schemes and not pay their clients. Especially in the usual rules to the bush write that this is a demo version of the script, and all the virtual money and they have no value. Therefore, it is important to choose a reliable site to work. Be sure to read the rules on the journal box, check user reviews online.

Or suggest that you work for postmen and clickers? Despite the fact that earn a large amount of e-mail sponsors is almost impossible, so I advise you to work on the clickers. What for? To feel that money online there and they can earn. Also, when surfing the site you will be able to deal with the fact than to make other people see what's interesting to users on the Internet.
But do not dwell on postage and sponsors Clicks, worked 2-3 months, go ahead and develop.