Forex - is the international OTC market currency exchange: Foreign Exchange Operations (forex). The main forex market unlike other markets - lack of space for bidding.

  For forex trading using the global information space, which provides quotes, news, bank comments, forecasts and opportunities for technical analysis, and transactions are conducted via the Internet, telephone and other modern means of communication. Exchange of information and access to trading for individuals carried out by intermediary companies:
  Forex brokers and dealing center. In the world of Forex appeared in the early 1970s, Ukraine has the same history of forex trading is much more modest and has less than 20 years.
Forex - is a way to make a profit with the help of speculative activities in the financial market. Online Trading does not guarantee a stable income - a business with its inherent attributes: Entry fee and inevitable risks. But a number of advantages of the forex market are attracted to gambling all new participants.
The lack of demanding bosses, acceptable capital to enter the market, the availability of knowledge on the mastery of basic operations, the lack of fierce competition for the deal - this is just some of the advantages of the forex market. Forex market in our country turned out to be enveloped in a variety of conflicting myths and rumors, sometimes far removed from reality.

After all, online trading is still in the development stage, every day there are more companies offering services on access to trading in the forex (FX). Beginners sometimes difficult to understand the mass of attractive offers and choose the right partner.

  Successful forex trading does not depend on sex, age and nationality, but do not forget about the presence of specific features, which require thorough preparation phase. Start forex trading course is necessary to supplement the study of basic literature and practicing different strategies on a demo account.