Rural community visit the village and check where does unemployment.

Day fight with him
World Day to Combat Unemployment coincided with my visit to a small village in Western Pomerania. From a distance it easier to look at the challenges faced by employers and workers. From a distance clear that the saying "want to be able to" is not merely a truism, on the contrary, it works and can fix the situation on the labor market.

- How do you want to work, it works, and if you do not want to be at most a fishing and then the home to sell, or the pulpit place in nagance sometimes saunter - says met by me on the Christmas holiday resident of a small village in the province of Western-Pomerania . - As soon as the state-owned farms locked themselves then I went to work for those who have larger farms, then went abroad to work, and as I came back looking for work with foresters - he adds.

In such small communities they have different rules and there are other social classes than in the city. Conversations with people there living meant that differently looked at the problem of structural unemployment, which - it seemed to me - is the creation of absolutely not to move it, that you only have to wait until the people who began his career in the previous system and are not qualified employees leave labor market.