Company MMCIS Group

Is a number of other brokers distinguishes it focus mainly on access to interesting investment projects, one of which is the project Index TOP 20. The yield on investments in MMCIS protyagom the lifetime of the Index TOP 20 is an average of 10% per month that is, for the year investors had the opportunity to increase its contribution by more than 2 times.

  The commission from investors for the opportunity to use this service is 15%. It should be noted that for large investment each percentage commission consumes a significant portion of the profits that could be made by the investor. And here is a new opportunity to increase passive earnings now FOREX MMCIS Group - It's urgent account Index TOP 20 fixed-term investments and reduced the size of the commission.

Profit from MMCIS investments in time deposit accounts Index TOP 20 will be higher not only by reducing the percentage of commission, but also due to the reinvestment of funds, as the program does not allow to deduce the profit during the investment period, but only on its completion.
Consider the mechanism of growth of earnings from investments in fixed-term account MMCIS compared to conventional investment funds in the top index of 20. For example, the amount that the investor decides to invest in the program with the standard 15% commission of $ 10,000.

At the monthly returns of the program to 10% of residues of the remuneration of managing traders, the investor makes a profit of $ 850, which immediately displays, and so on similarly protyagom all subsequent 11 months.
In total, its annual income is 10,200 dollars. Great result - increase the initial capital of 2 times. But if the same amount was invested in fixed-term account Index TOP 20, is subject to reinvestment, as well as reducing the amount of up to 11% commission (for a period of 1 year), income would have amounted to 17 817 dollars.
  The difference is palpable and is 7617 dollars of additional profit. However, you can carry out the calculations for the latter amounts themselves, take advantage of the investor's calculator allows you to calculate the return on investment with reinvestment.
In order to make investment in fixed-term account, the client FOREX MMCIS Group in his personal account must have the free sum of money and is not involved even in the investment projects and the turnover on the Forex.

Torgovlja binarnymy opcionami

Use your trader skills and proven to trade binary options with a trusted broker, virtually "on the spot", allowing the company RoboForex.
More recently, the company, in addition to access to the classic trade, has provided access to trade binarnymy options.
The project was named RoboOption, and all his activities are regulated broker RoboForex (CY) Ltd.
As a client dealing center RoboForeks, the user can in your personal account to open an account on RoboOption. To do this, go to the section of the Account page RoboOption Open an account and select the desired type of account with a further touch of a button to open an account:
Opening an account in RoboOption Roboforex from personal cabinet.
Fig. 1. Opening of the personal account in RoboOption through RoboForex website.
Or visit the website of the project and create a personal account in RoboOption, passing the standard registration procedure.
Options trading with RoboForex broker within RoboOption project has the following advantages:
- Available for everybody monetary threshold for opening an account - 10 dollars / euro;
- The minimum investment in the deal - 5 USD / EUR;
- No commissions for any sales transactions and cash transactions to / from the account;
- Ability to familiarize with the activities through a demo trading options with the introduction of virtual money that can not be the majority of binary options brokers. The important point is to hold competitions on demo accounts;
- Free access to educational materials in the form of video tutorials and e-books;
- Customer Support at RoboOption available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
RoboOption platform allows to trade with a number of assets: these currency pairs and stocks, and indices. Deposits to the account is fast, all operations are protected.
Personal account RoboOption available in several languages ​​- in addition to Russian and English, you can choose Spanish, Italian, Chinese and other languages. According to the company, the list of supported languages ​​is constantly supplemented with new ones.
Trade binarnymy options broker RoboForex, the company with the European regulation of, has plenty of advantages and prospects for good earnings at the minimum investments.
With a portfolio of reliable and profitable trading strategies for options, the investor can easily increase their capital, thus reducing the risk due to market analysis and forecasting of the outcome of trading activities