Buy you a fan

- I've heard of a case of buying the fans by a reputable company. It was evident at first glance that these people were "bought". This strategy leads nowhere, those fans are often dead souls, people from abroad, or not at all interested in the brand. Buying fans to a road to nowhere, throwing money down the drain. No one who wants to sell us fans can not guarantee that it will be people in your target audience will have an active account, and above all of that will be interested in the offer. The whole idea of ​​buying fans belies the idea of ​​Facebook, which puts on the freedom to observe the communication of the brand and requires marketers to primarily told an interesting story and it attracted followers, and not spam messages are not interested. Therefore, if Facebook detects activity incompatible with its principles, it can delete the entire fanpage, and maybe even learn from the friendly competition - says Mossakowski.

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As reported service in the last two months of last year, we sold a total of over 1.3 million fans for the price of less than 80,000 dollars. - In the period at Allegro appeared almost 1,000 listings with the word "Facebook". There are not yet rated by "Facebook" and the subcategory "sell fans." Therefore, we had to review the results manually. As it turned out ekostyem commercial FB is not only Laiki or farm fans, but, for example, advertising, coupons, advertising, bags with the logo FB, toilet paper with printed board and a variety of scripts - comments in Konrad Latkowski of According to experts, buying fans can give the effect, but only in the short term. - You can boast the bosses quickly gained a considerable number of fans, but they will not be too active. With the experience of their friends and always turned out that such packages fans are mostly "dead souls' or people accidentally" caught "on our website - says Lukasz Dębski, strategy manager with the agency Socializer.

Bought fans are infidels fans. Experts agree that over time we will have hundreds of dormant "lovers", or the number of fans suddenly hard fall. Professional campaign is of course much more expensive, but it is also effective, is addressed to specific people who are naturally interested in the brand. Thanks to the campaign, the number of fans can and will grow more slowly, but it will be the target group, on which depends the creators of the page.

Rural community visit the village and check where does unemployment.

Day fight with him
World Day to Combat Unemployment coincided with my visit to a small village in Western Pomerania. From a distance it easier to look at the challenges faced by employers and workers. From a distance clear that the saying "want to be able to" is not merely a truism, on the contrary, it works and can fix the situation on the labor market.

- How do you want to work, it works, and if you do not want to be at most a fishing and then the home to sell, or the pulpit place in nagance sometimes saunter - says met by me on the Christmas holiday resident of a small village in the province of Western-Pomerania . - As soon as the state-owned farms locked themselves then I went to work for those who have larger farms, then went abroad to work, and as I came back looking for work with foresters - he adds.

In such small communities they have different rules and there are other social classes than in the city. Conversations with people there living meant that differently looked at the problem of structural unemployment, which - it seemed to me - is the creation of absolutely not to move it, that you only have to wait until the people who began his career in the previous system and are not qualified employees leave labor market.

Who is who?

The lowest social class is the so-called unemployed. I say "so-called" because it does not mean that they do not perform any work. They do not have a permanent contract. Casual work - walk in nagance hunting, put the pulpit, order cut down trees, cofferdam pastures and fields on behalf of contractors-men (of the Department of Forest Services), forest guards or rangers. It also happens that catch fish in nearby ponds and sell for 25 gold zamożniejszemu host some hurdle, some perch and two big pike.

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The middle class are people who have a regular job - a contract of employment, insurance, and about a thousand a month. - I am very happy. I have a job to retirement I counted, I work with good people who run guest house in the area. I help with everything - trash, build, clean up, the tractor ride - says Krzysztof. His (and like him) status raises another fact - he gives the job. It's still the middle class, but it depends more. It is he who decides who will go nagance who can help with the harvest or small work at his hosts. It was he who pays the money, he organizes. There is so much more than just an employee. Using urban nomenclature, Krzysztof is a manager for. Human resources.

The middle class is higher rangers - a state job, a company car, a house and a lot of subordinates. There are indeed a great impact on the financial situation of the middle class, but definitely have an impact on the work of the lower class. - The ranger called me recently, but I do not pay for it. I have a boss and a job, I have nothing to do. I do not need such needle on the side - admits Krzysztof.

Upper class - forester. Manages a team of rangers, has great respect for the residents, a lot depends on it. You can tell a class by itself.

Day to combat unemployment

No work is now one of the most serious challenges encountered by the humanity throughout the world. According to Margaret cordon from the Provincial Labour Office in Zielona Gora, employment agencies have the tools to mitigate the effects of unemployment. They help to gain the necessary experience or even start their own company. April 11 is the World Day to Combat Unemployment