Buy you a fan

- I've heard of a case of buying the fans by a reputable company. It was evident at first glance that these people were "bought". This strategy leads nowhere, those fans are often dead souls, people from abroad, or not at all interested in the brand. Buying fans to a road to nowhere, throwing money down the drain. No one who wants to sell us fans can not guarantee that it will be people in your target audience will have an active account, and above all of that will be interested in the offer. The whole idea of ​​buying fans belies the idea of ​​Facebook, which puts on the freedom to observe the communication of the brand and requires marketers to primarily told an interesting story and it attracted followers, and not spam messages are not interested. Therefore, if Facebook detects activity incompatible with its principles, it can delete the entire fanpage, and maybe even learn from the friendly competition - says Mossakowski.

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As reported service in the last two months of last year, we sold a total of over 1.3 million fans for the price of less than 80,000 dollars. - In the period at Allegro appeared almost 1,000 listings with the word "Facebook". There are not yet rated by "Facebook" and the subcategory "sell fans." Therefore, we had to review the results manually. As it turned out ekostyem commercial FB is not only Laiki or farm fans, but, for example, advertising, coupons, advertising, bags with the logo FB, toilet paper with printed board and a variety of scripts - comments in Konrad Latkowski of According to experts, buying fans can give the effect, but only in the short term. - You can boast the bosses quickly gained a considerable number of fans, but they will not be too active. With the experience of their friends and always turned out that such packages fans are mostly "dead souls' or people accidentally" caught "on our website - says Lukasz Dębski, strategy manager with the agency Socializer.

Bought fans are infidels fans. Experts agree that over time we will have hundreds of dormant "lovers", or the number of fans suddenly hard fall. Professional campaign is of course much more expensive, but it is also effective, is addressed to specific people who are naturally interested in the brand. Thanks to the campaign, the number of fans can and will grow more slowly, but it will be the target group, on which depends the creators of the page.