Bitcoin prepares micro-payments

The advertising platform on Bitkoyn's blockade prepares micro-payments thanks to BitcomNet Mass plans to transform Internet advertising. The new leader of the startup was Alexander Kuzmin, a supporter of Bitkoyn and CEO of Mycelium. The software developed by him will be released in March 2017.

"Despite years of effort and billions of dollars invested in developing, advertising targeting does not yet have the capabilities and still remains at a low level," said Alexei Oschepkov, chief operating officer of Mass. "But this path will never be passed. The technology will constantly improve, because there is no such thing as "perfect targeting," it can always be even better. " The Mass project proposes to make its "modest contribution" to improving the process of finding advertisers for its target audience.

"Alexander Kuzmin brings a lot of expertise to the Mass team and talent in Bitcoin," he added. "Developed by the company Mass adblock plug-in for the browser Chrome is already available."

Mass launched the process of initial placement of its crypto currency (ICO), which will be completed in December.

"Mass deploys modern tools to improve efficiency, but it does it clearly following the balance between achieving the goal and the complexity of implementation," Oschepkov said.

Bitcoin's blocking system as its transport network, and its value depends solely on the market forces of supply and demand.

The Mass website informs about how its network will grow. "Webmasters will have to host users of the Mass network as their number grows. Mass Platform provides its users with the opportunity to transparently and by the price formed by the market pay for data provided by users. " Insufficiently effective advertising targeting has long been on the agenda of Internet advertisers.

Oschepkov explained to CryptocoinsNews: "Many participants in the advertising market act unfairly when they detect a blocking of advertising. In turn, ad-blockers use resources paid for by other people. "

According to the chief operating officer of the Mass network, webmasters do not care enough about the user's privacy, which often allows third parties to collect more data than they should. Or the user himself openly disclose information.

"Advertisers are also muhlyuyut with tracking data," - he said. "There will always be conflicts in business. This is driving progress, as a result, winning ideas that generate a solution. We are not trying to "change the world," but simply to introduce a more correct system in our opinion. " He adds that the value of the Mass network will be determined by users themselves, webmasters and advertisers.

Oschepkov argues that Internet advertising earns mostly large networks. "This is a typical oligopoly," he continues. "There is nothing wrong or unexpected in this. The Mass network does not seek to change the monetary balance. "

The Mass network uses Bitcoin as a protocol and a level of mutual settlements. Virtual Mass coins will be distributed over Bitcoin-protocol.

"We need the assets to be exchanged with minimal costs," Oschepkov said. The best solution for this, of course, is the bitcoin Bitcoin. "

Oschepkov adds: "Personally, I do not see any injustice in the fact that users do not receive money for their data. The Mass network was not created in order to take money from the rich and give it to the poor. It allows free markets to function where they are, for the benefit of all stakeholders. "