Orthotic thread cutter made of plastic bottles
Russian Maxim Egorov, proposed a simple, but very promising invention - a pointed metal edge + a hole in a metal bar = a miniature knife for cutting and pulling long thin and very strong ribbons from ordinary PET bottles, such as PET ropes. With one such "shot" two important "hares" are "killed" at once: there is less environmentally harmful waste, and a useful thing appears on the farm for free.

It is elementary and inexpensive to produce such things - there are no electronics or other complex elements in the device. And the demand can be super-massive - especially among residents of country houses: in private plots, the need for strong ropes is much higher than in the city.

Solar Powered Bottle Cap Flashlight
Another idea for the super popular PET bottles - this time it is no longer a home-country one, but rather a tourist one. Chilean designers added a solar accumulating mini-battery to the top of the standard screw cap of the bottle, and LEDs inside, “on the water side”. If such a lid has been in the sun and charged, then the flashlight in it can be turned on at nightfall - and with water and a colored bottle it will even become a kind of decoration, a romantic element.

The followers of the idea can produce other functional caps for PET bottles - for example, with a mini-container that opens from the outside for tablets or salt; with an electronic mini-scoreboard on a battery outside (this can be, for example, a clock plus a thermometer); with a wire attached for the convenience of carrying the bottle in your hands - ideas "on the cap" can be generated endlessly.

The main thing is that the innovative lid you produced is outwardly bright, non-standard - otherwise, many buyers will accidentally throw it away sooner or later, forgetting that it was a specially purchased device, and not a standard part of containers for liquids.

Furniture for turning a bicycle into a part of the interior
It's also a Chilean idea - to produce long, elegant open bedside tables that have not only shelves for storing something, but also slots on top, allowing you to store a bicycle on them as a special feature of the interior.

Naturally, the bike will have to be washed for the sake of installation in such an elegant parking lot every time very carefully. But maybe this is just what is useful - whether for a vehicle or for a cyclist riding it - for this benefit, it is precisely necessary to emphasize especially in advertising of such furniture.

Wind turbine with good blade design
The whole idea of ​​Italian designers is obvious from the title and the photo - the power facility acquires not an industrial, but a highly aesthetic look, quite appropriate as a highlight of a landscape in a well-kept garden, on the territory of a hotel, in a municipal park. Pay particular attention to the material of the blades: polished wood.

Advertising on baggage - for paying baggage and other fees
A very simple and wise idea came from Florida entrepreneur Harry Herman - his company offers advertisers the release of large, easy-to-remove advertising stickers on luggage.

These stickers, in turn, are offered to air passengers at the entrance to the airport - those who agree to have their luggage serve as an advertising medium receive from Herman's company not only free pasting of baggage with packing tape, but also payment of baggage and other taxes from passengers (an exact list of cash the winnings depend on the size and number of advertising stickers and the luggage space themselves).

Mediation in the rental of expensive medical equipment
Inventions in the field of medical technology appear very often, but many devices are very expensive. A number of paid clinics do not have the opportunity to purchase them - especially when it comes to operations and treatment processes that are rare in their practice. If laboratory materials can still be transported around the city to competing colleagues, then it is difficult to treat a patient who is willing to pay in three or four clinics, each of which has some part of the equipment required in one way or another.

And doctors do not always know which of the nearby competing clinics has which of the expensive rare equipment is, what is new, which has been temporarily repaired or has recently been recognized as unrecoverable, or, finally, which of the equipment at the moment in this clinic does not have accessories and materials required for work.