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Virtual exchange offices have certain reserves of different currencies, and with due activity from the clients of the resource, they end. The owner of the exchanger constantly replenishes the reserves, but there are situations when it is necessary to exchange digital currency for Sberbank rubles, for example, but there is no money. We have to look for other exchange points that meet the requirements of security and benefits.

If there is a similar situation, the best solutio ... Read more »

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I will be brief, and no GIF-app, so as not to distract you from the essence of the message.

"In the same century in which the printed press was invented, wars, social upheavals and revolutions passed across Europe. Old kings, revered religious leaders and tyrants were removed from power. Finally, people could really read what is written in their bibles. The mass seal of the bibl ... Read more »

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   Phi Phi Phi Pham! Growth Bitcoin smell there

Open your eyes wider, because "this" is already happening. Behind high walls of modern technological achievements we see the sea of ​​various web applications, because of which it becomes more difficult to find new models of doing business. But at the same time, if you look at the history of the development of technology and transport systems, it becomes evident the emergence of several new fast-growing markets.

"The future is here. It's just that it's not spread evenly enough, "- William Gibson.

In October 2008, "magic grain" was planted in the soil of technology. Over time, this seed grew into a giant "beanstalk", comparable in strength to the Internet, the railway and the Interregional high ... Read more »

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   Announcement of the book "Bitcoin for Dummies"

What is important and interesting this book? First of all, it allows you to understand in detail what Bitcoin is, how the network works, how to create a crypto-currency purse and secure it from hacking, and much, much more useful information that not only beginners, but also advanced adepts need crypto currency. The book allows

- get acquainted with bitkoynom closer;
- find out what bitkoyn can be useful to you;
- learn the rules of security and storage of the cryptonym.

Bitcoin is a new form of money, crypto-tokens, to be more precise, - but how does it work? We start with the basics, namely: with the three main aspects that characterize bitokoyn.

- Origin: how bitcoin ap ... Read more »

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  Where do Bitkoyny come from?

How bitcoins are born? The new bitcomes are generated as a result of a complex process called mining.

You can also run the bitkoy, entrusting your computer to calculate complex mathematical equations - these tasks can be performed at any time of the day or night.

By starting the bitkoy, you become a significant part of the bitcoin network, not only maintaining its efficiency with the help of your equipment, but  ... Read more »

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   Bitcoin developers

Bitcoin perfectly promotes the ordering of incentives. In search of an opportunity to benefit the community, I found a solution to the big problem for a lot of companies. In this article, I will describe my decision and why I consider it effective.

Developers, developers, developers, developers

All business companies most need developers. And not just in the developers, but in developers who are familiar with Bitcoin. Bitcoin developers or ... Read more »

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  Hawala / Bitcoin / Classic banking: principles and differences

The word "hawala" in Arabic means a bill or parcel. The peculiarity of the hawala system is the fact that all financial transactions (transfer of money, jewelry or gold from the country to the country) are carried out without any documentary evidence - the work is built on the trust of the participants in the process.

The main participants in hawala are brokers. It is they who organize transfers between countries. At the same time, the money does not leave the state borders physically: the sender simply gives money to the broker in one country, receives from him a secret code (for example, figures from one of the bills), which the recipient in another country should then name the second broker to get the equivalent of the initial amount in local currency. ... Read more »

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   Bitcoin Tech Talk Mission

Watching Bitcoin is exhausting. Most sources are either non-technical, or inaccessible, or biased. It is difficult to understand: the information is accurate or not accurate, partial or whole; fears, uncertainties and doubts are groundless or really worth worrying about.

Introduction to Bitcoin Tech Talk

So we created Bitcoin Tech Talk. We want the bitcomune community to be able to learn about the development process, technical proposals  ... Read more »

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  Introduction to the calculation of commissions in Bitcoin Core

commission for a transaction in Bitcoin Core

The space in the Bitcoin blockade is a limited resource, and given the rather low price, the demand for this space is much larger than the supply. If the space in the block is free, people will find all sorts of uses for it. Decentralized gambling, downloading the entire copy of the description of Bitcoin's original concept and timestamps of individual documents&n ... Read more »

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What Bitcoin differs from other crypto currency

In this article I will try to tell you how and why Bitcoin differs from all existing altkones.

How people develop their understanding of Bitcoin

Having been involved in Bitcoin for a long time, I noticed a pattern according to which people's minds about Bitcoin change, as they eventually sink deeper and deeper into its ecosystem, gaining more and more understanding of its essence. Usually their thoughts d ... Read more »

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